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    Lord Maurice Egerton and Castle Without a Princess

    Posted by Travel Adventurist On Tuesday, November 15, 2011 19 comments

    This is the story of lord  Maurice Egerton tatton,the life and passion of Maurice, the fourth and last Baron Egerton of Tatton (1874 – 1958).the last son of Alan de Tatton and Lady Anna Louisia Taylor.
    (Maurice liked to wear a pilot's cap)

    A pioneer aviator, photographer and filmmaker, he was an early motorist and prodigious traveller.he was 4th and last Baron Egerton of Tatton

    collections of extraordinary items from around the world by egerton including this musical instruments from Africa probably kenya many of which are now on display in u.k visit tattonpark.org.uk
    musical instrumentscollections from kenya

    Castle Without a Princess 
    Lord Egerton Castle is a splendid architectural masterpiece
    Egerton built between 1930 and 1940 and still stands conspicuously like a pendant in the beautiful countryside, a 12 kilometers from Nakuru town
    Maurice was one of the early aviators, this is one of the photos from Tattonpark  
    a welcoming and relaxing stunning mansion ,200kms east of nairobi and 10 minute ride from nakuru town  It has expansive green lawns ,splendid colorful garden on all its side

    Since arriving in Kenya in 1927, Egerton had lived in a six bed-roomed house next to the castle.
    Egerton castle in Nakuru Kenya
    Built for a lady to whom Baron Egerton wished to become engaged, the house is something of an anachronism.

    Lord Egerton deeply fell in love with Austrian woman in early 1920’s, shortly after he had moved to Britain’s African colony to occupy and farm his 26,000 acres of land. He brought his fiancé to the small home he had built on the property. she came to his house and laughed at him. She told egerton that  she was of “royalty” back home and that she would never live in the “chicken coop” of a house he had built. She fled back to as soon as possible 

    Sure  to impress her, Lord Egerton constructed the castle on a scale that would surely impress her and make her change her mind. He conceived of a castle that would have no comparison in England or any other country for that matter
    well chopped stones and zinc tiles for the roof were shipped from Europe, the builders from Europe and Asia. The outcome in 1938, was a stupendous four-storey edifice fitted with some of the most up-to-date mechanical and electrical gadgets at the time, including an escalator!

    However even after building a majestic castle for Lady Victoria she still rejects him in the presence of his friends.As it happened,not once but twice, and Egerton's heart was broken,even after building the castle, especially for her ,This leads to Lord Egerton changing and dedicating his life to farming, hunting and development of education. This gives birth to Egerton University founded on the basis of Agriculture but which has transformed into a diverse institution offering many courses apart from Agriculture.
    before that He furnished and ran the castle as if the family he had envisaged actually existed. Nobody but the house servants was ever allowed in, According to the current caretaker Robert

    Lord Maurice banned all women from the 52-room castle and its 100-acre grounds.He hated chicken and dogs because the woman who spurned his proposal said the six-bed roomed house the Lord lived in before completion of the castle was small as a chicken hut or a dogs kennel

    He banned women from ever setting foot in the 100-acre ground in which the castle stood, spent the rest of his life alone until his death on January 30, 1958. The woman associated with the baron’s irrational behaviour has never been named in all accounts about his life
    “He pinned notices on trees warning that the grounds were out of bounds for women and that any woman who disobeyed the notice risked being shot,when he planned to visit the quarters where his African staff lived, he would issue a two-week notice so that all women could be vacated." recalled  78-year- old Robert Onyiego the current caretaker,(former employee of Lord Egerton),

    it is rather ironic that numerous weddings are now hosted on the castle ,a favourite attraction for lovers tying the knot and a picnik site
    to his generosity Lord Egerton, bequeathed his land to the government.
    lord maurice egerton died with no heir 

    **Egerton Castle is worth visiting but pretty hard to find,i got to know of it while on visit to Nakuru national park ,thanks to #tembeakenya crew on twitter


    sic donec.It is in your generosity that we enjoy your efforts.RIP Lord Egerton!!!

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    A Great Man...for a shallow woman .

    Currently at Lords egertons castle dissapointed to find empty halls

    Lived in Nakuru (At Nakuru School 1951-1954) Went with my mom to Edgerton Castle many times and do not remember Lord Edgerton ever being rude to my mom, he was always very polite and showed us around his magical home. Loved the Pipe Organ in the hall. RIP Lord Edgerton

    For once, I've read something different about the Lord. Every other account has it that no women were ever allowed within the grounds Mr. Graham McDonald. Plus I notive while everyone else calls him Egerton, you prefer Edgerton. Any reason?

    Pleasure to have also read something different of Lord Edgerton,Graham McDonald,would you also share more light of his life.Check me on karageofree@gmail.com

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    For the first time landed there yesterday, for sure it is a breath taking azure.
    RIP Maurice

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    Heard the story from my classmate back in high school and got curious to know more.Thanks for the share!@Graham, please share insights you know that we probably know.thanks.

    RIP Lord Egerton!

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